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Oil & Gas

Gekko serves customers in all aspects of the fuels chain. We work in the production side on offshore oil platforms and in the oil patch. We work in the terminals that supply the crude oil and other products to refineries. We work in the refineries as the crude oil is transformed into a variety of end products, and we work in the finished product terminals that store the products before sold to the end user. Whether on land or at sea Gekko has provided engineering solutions to the many challenges to help get your product to the market.
Project Examples
  • Installation of 35kV Subsea Cable: Assisted with the installation of a new mile long 35kV subsea cable to connect one offshore platform to another. Activities involved obtaining Rule 18 and Rule 21 approvals from SCE, assisting with permitting packages, and developing the topsides construction packages for each platform. Electrical system modifications included the addition of a new Power Distribution Center.
  • Offshore Platform Coordination and Arc Flash Analysis: Gekko used the ETAP software program and built an electrical model of an offshore platform complex which included the on board generated and shore power source, with connected fixed and variable loads; and then developed a protection breaker coordination study and arc flash analysis for the optimal settings to avoid undue equipment trips and reduced arc flash potentials.
  • Power Distribution: Gekko has designed and implemented numerous power distribution systems. From complete new power drops and switch gear lineups, to upgrades or additions to existing distribution equipment. We have also been given projects to document and develop digitized drawings for existing distribution systems that required extensive field investigation for accuracy and verification. These projects have been for the oil and gas industries as well as manufacturing and industrial complexes.
  • Marine Terminal Shipping Pump: Gekko provided sizing, specification, and selection of a new heavy oil transfer pump for a marine terminal. The existing site power supply and electrical gear was not adequate for the new 500 HP pump. Gekko designed a new dedicated power supply from SCE including transformer, variable frequency drive, and other components. Gekko is also providing the piping and civil/structural design and engineering for this project.
  • Stand-by Emergency Diesel Generator (EDG): Installation of an EDG to support the main server room that provides all network and telephone services to the refinery. The final cut-over required an outage of one day on a weekend to make the final tie-in.
  • High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline: Gekko engineered and designed a natural gas line running through a refinery. Gekko responsibility took over at the fence line at the utility metering station. The line had several letdown stations to provide gas at the required pressure and flow for the various refinery users. The letdown stations were outfitted with redundant pressure regulators to preclude the necessity of costly relief valves, while maintaining appropriate safety standards.
  • Emergency Sump: Gekko designed the replacement of the main header of an emergency sump on an offshore oil platform. The existing line was thinning and needed to be replaced. Gekko developed a remediation that allowed the sump to remain in service while repairs were made online.
  • Offshore Platform Complex Debottleneck: Performed high-level process debottlenecking study for an offshore platform complex. The study focused on the crude oil dehydration system including the performance of the knock-out drums, heater-treaters, crude pre-heaters and available heat for the system. The study also evaluated the capacity of the produced water processing system including filters and skim tanks. Main piping components and pumping capacity were also checked for bottlenecks.
  • Gross Fluids Line Metering Section Replacement: An offshore platform experienced leaks in the metering sections on both sides of a gross fluids line. Gekko provided timely response to help as-build the existing system and develop piping isometrics and control valves specifications that could be used to replaced corroded items.
  • Offshore Platform Riser Inspection: Gekko helped develop a program to install access ports for inspection equipment on several vertical risers on an offshore oil platform. The access ports needed to be installed over a two day shut-in. The ports were deisgned so inspection scoul be performed online by diverting flow to other risers remaining in service.
  • Power Factor Correction Option Evaluation