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Power Generation

From new power generation equipment design and construction engineering packages to upgrades and debottlenecking of existing facilities, Gekko offers an experienced team of engineers and designers that will work with clients to meet or exceed their project requirements. Our team works closely with our customer’s electrical and operations leads to identify their unique requirements and then engineer a solution to meet the project's needs. We have experience working and interfacing with utility agencies, like Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Southern California Edison so any connections to the grid can be accomplished in the methodology that they require. Our team has the construction management experience to help with the project bid process, select qualified contractors, and provide field direction from construction to start up.
Power Generation Engineering and Design Services have been provided to the following installations:
  • Cogeneration Plants
  • Remote Generation Facilities
  • Power Plant Conversions
  • Administration Buildings
  • Research Facilities
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Refineries
The services include:
  • Load sizing for current project and future expansion requirements
  • Existing generation equipment and system infrastructure studies for bottleneck to improve output
  • Engineering studies of existing cogeneration systems to increase output
  • Engineering & design plan for switching from fuel generation to utility feed
  • Coordinating and completing applications for connecting into Southern California Edison’s Grid
  • New connections to, upgrades to and relocation of Department of Water and Power (DWP) generation feeds
Project Examples
  • Cogen Modifications and Upgrades: First worked with the owner of the cogen plant to determine the existing required load, the current and original design capacity of the units, and then engineered replacement equipment and control systems that would meet their current plant loads and the ability for future expansion.
  • Engineering Debottlenecking Study: We did an in depth study of existing generation equipment and system infrastructure to identify system bottlenecks and engineered a viable retrofit. The retrofit included an outage implementation plan to maximize unit output.
  • Existing Cooling System Modifications: We identified inefficiencies in existing cogeneration cooling system and designed modifications to improve the cooling and ultimately increase output of the unit.
  • Transfer From Onsite Fuel Generation to Utility: Designed the transfer equipment and interlocks along with engineering the infrastructure needed to switch from on board diesel power generation to onshore utility feed.
  • Excess Cogen Power Tie Into Grid: Evaluated an existing cogeneration system’s output capabilities and the plants load requirement to justify a grid tie in project. We documented the system’s protection and synchronizing electronics to verify the utility's requirements before applying for grid tie-ins.
  • Temporary Generator Installation: Determined the load requirements for an active manufacturing facility, and engineered a temporary generator and distribution system to facilitate a prolonged electrical outage.