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Renewable Energy

The world is changing quickly as we search for more cost effective and scalable forms of renewable energy. Gekko Engineering is committed to helping the environment as we look for new ways to satisfy our nation’s energy needs, yet keep our impact on the planet to a minimum. Gekko’s staff is well versed in implementing new technologies with existing infrastructure. Whether you are considering constructing new turbines in a wind farm, installing solar panels, adding LNG filling stations, or converting existing equipment and installations from traditional hydrocarbon to renewable sources of fuel Gekko Engineering can help.
Renewal Energy Engineering and Design services include:
  • Feasibility Studies:
    Developing project options, Technology evaluation and selection
  • Conceptual Design & Implementation Strategies:
    Meeting new production targets, meeting new production specifications
  • Electrical, Structural, and Mechanical Engineering & Design
  • Permitting
  • Interconnection Application
  • Project Management
  • Start-up & Commissioning
  • City/County Approval
  • Utility Approval
  • Comprehensive Documentation
  • Maintenance
Project Examples
  • Existing Facility Repurposing: Assisted with the conversion of an existing refinery Naphtha Hydrotreater to a Renewable Diesel Hydrotreater. The project involved engineering the mechanical, structural, and instrumentation components necessary to help convert tallow into Renewable Diesel and Jet fuel.
  • Micro Wind Turbines: Installation of micro wind turbines on the roof a major store chain warehouse to use wind energy to supplement power needs.
  • Solar Panels: Perform the structural evaluation of an existing roof to determine feasibility for new solar panel installation. The evaluation also considered how many panel crates could be lifted onto the roof at a time to help streamline the project schedule and minimize overhead crane work.
  • Biodiesel Blending: Gekko has engineered several installations to blend biodiesel with traditional diesel. The installations have used small totes, converted ASME vessels, and API 650 tanks to store B100 biodiesel and to blend it as required. Project responsibilities included evaluation of existing pumps or specification of new pumps, tank foundation design, piping design, loading and unloading rack design, and instrument and electrical design.
  • Ethanol Blending: Gekko has engineered several installations to blend ethanol with gasoline. Projects included vapor recovery lines pocketing removal, ethanol injection installation design, and conversion of existing diesel and gasoline tanks to ethanol service.