• Process & Hydraulic Engineering and Design
  • Process & Hydraulic Engineering and Design
  • Process & Hydraulic Engineering and Design

Process & Hydraulics Engineering and Design

Gekko Engineering has extensive experience performing hydraulic analysis on fluid flow systems including firewater distribution systems, process units, and pipelines. Hydraulics studies performed by Gekko are used to optimize piping systems, size and select pumps, and improve process performance. Our process engineering experience includes heat exchanger calculations and specifications, process debottlenecking, and process heat recovery studies.
Process & Hydraulics Engineering and Design Services have been provided to the following industries:
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Pipeline Terminals
  • Marine Terminals
  • Oil Production
  • Off-Shore Oil Production
  • Chemical Plants
Project Examples
  • Syngas Reactor Pilot Plant Project: Responsible for the engineering and design of a pilot plant syngas facility which would convert low molecular weight hydrocarbon and bio-mass into syn-fuels. Provided expertise in the development of process P&IDs, conducted Hazop analysis, provided modal failure analysis for the reactor, and established proper SIL level for the operation.
  • Absorption Chiller Installation Project: Gekko Engineering managed the design and installation of a Lithium Bromide absorption chiller for an ice producing facility utilizing waste steam from a neighboring co-gen facility.
  • Refinery Fire protection Infrastructure Project: Gekko Engineering engineered and designed a complete refinery fire protection system; modeling with state-of-the-art software the complete facility network of new piping (15 miles), pumps, monitors, hydrants, storage and break tanks.
  • Offshore Platform Complex Debottleneck: Performed high-level process debottlenecking study for an offshore platform complex. The study focused on the crude oil dehydration system including the performance of the knock-out drums, heater-treaters, crude pre-heaters and available heat for the system. The study also evaluated the capacity of the produced water processing system including filters and skim tanks. Main piping components and pumping capacity were also checked for bottlenecks.
  • Tank Farm Hydraulic Study for New Crude Pumps and Transfer: Analyzed the many shipping and transfer scenarios for a crude and product tank farm to upgrade crude and transfer pumps to increase rates while providing considerable flexibility.
  • LCGO Pumparound Heat Recovery: An in-depth hydraulic and heat & material analysis using HYSYS was performed on the LCGO pumparound loop from the main fractionator to evaluate options to recover more waste heat from the LCGO stream. Heat recovery was compared for adding various reboiler exchangers to the pumparound loop.
  • FCC Feed Preheat Evaluation: Evaluated options for reducing energy consumption in the FCC unit. Various options were analyzed, including modifications to the cold feed preheat exchangers and use of LCGO product heat to preheat boiler feedwater.
  • Calciner: Performed process design to develop a cost effective method to reduce SOx emissions.